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UAS Awareness Program

UAS Awareness Program

Course Information

Nowadays mini or micro UAVs can be seen around us in daily routine. Approximately 250 applications can be fulfilled by the appropriate category UAV, tends to produce demands in different platforms for the Aviation and Non-Aviation people. The Unmanned Aviation industry is currently having a tremendous growth rate, as a result, there is an increased demand for unmanned aerial vehicle technologists to reintroduce the Aviation domain. Many of us have the sufficient information about the operation of the Unmanned aircraft but without the formal guidelines, an UAS Engineer or pilot remains as hobbyist.  The selected topics of this course by the industry experts are sufficient enough to transform a hobbyist into a professional Unmanned Aircraft Operator or Technologist.   

The objective of the course is to provide the ‘Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR)’ based Rules & Regulations to operate and maintain the Unmanned Aircraft as well as to shape out the existing Engineering knowledge of the candidate to form out the aerial vehicle or to initialize the UAS application-based business.

  • UAS Introduction
  • Recitation about all categories UAS (Past, Present & Future)
  • CAR
  • Implementation of UAS in Civil & Defence Sectors
  • What we already have and What we need to gain, to enter in Unmanned Aviation
  • Elements of UAS
  • Where to hit to make the future in Unmanned Aviation
  • World-wide UAS Circle


  • The Minimum eligibility to join the course:
  • BE/Diploma/or any equivalent qualification
  • Non-Aviation/Aviation
Text books and Supplementary Materials
  • UAS Directory
  • Elements of UAS, Hand Book (Optional)
  • CD (PPT and Application Based Videos)

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VAU TECHNOVATIONS LTD, enter into the Unmanned Aviation cosmos as a UAS Manufacturer company, based in India.

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