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Fundamentals of UAS

Fundamentals of UAS

Course Information

Day by day expanding utilizations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are reclassifying the defence and the civil sectors. As the time is passing, the fascination of understudies, specialized people or the specialist, is getting a handle on by the Unmanned fledged innovation. The reason is simple, either its monstrous UAV or its smaller scale UAV, all are having a similar idea driving their innovation. The theoretical information about this Unmanned technology empowers the individual to fabricate or repair the UAVs just under his watch. This course is designed to give a point by point depiction about the all elements of the Unmanned Aircraft System.

This course tends to the sequential presentation of UASs with various true delineations, single gadget (Quad-copter CAM) based a lot of common applications, Designing of Fixed wing or VTOL UAVs, Data Link and communication, mission planning and controlling, human factors in UAV operations and maintenance, UAV Crash examination and the wordings identified with Unmanned Aviation.

  • UAS Introduction
  • Human Factors in Unmanned Aviation   
  • Airframe (VTOL)
  • Air Vehicle Elements
  • Data-Link & Communication
  • Ground Control Station
  • Non-Lethal Payload Systems
  • Basics of Piloting
  • Assembling, Troubleshooting & Flying


  • The Minimum eligibility to join the course:
  • BE/Diploma/or any equivalent qualification
  • Non-Aviation/Aviation Person
Textbooks & Supplementary Materials
  • UAS Directory
  • Elements of UAS, Hand Book (Optional)
  • Booklets
  • CD (PPT and Application Based Videos)
  • DPPS

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VAU TECHNOVATIONS LTD, enter into the Unmanned Aviation cosmos as a UAS Manufacturer company, based in India.

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