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UAS Data-Link & Communication

UAS Data-Link & Communication

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To pass on the data as signs over a remote system, to UAV from GCS and the other way around, we require to have a Data-Link framework, which can be considered as a most huge and naive component among different components of Unmanned Aircraft System. The nonappearance of this component prompts suspends the activity of the air vehicle or makes it outlandish. This course tends to essential undertakings and the specialized necessities identified with Data-Link framework.      
Demanding conditions of the Data-Link system vary as per the types of the UAVs. Even for the GCS like air vehicle, the suitability factor of the Data-Link system is meaningful. The Data-Link system employs many factors which may vary its susceptibility. This course comprises the numbers of factors which play vital roles to split Data-Link into numerous types.

  • Wireless Communication Terminologies
  • UAV Data-Link Tasks & Requirements
  • UAV Data-Link Types & General Characteristics
  • UAV Data-Link Design Aspects


  • The Minimum eligibility to join the course:
  • AME/Aeronautical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering/EEE/ECE/CS
  • Non-Aviation/Aviation Person
Textbooks and Supplementary Materials
  • UAS Directory
  • Elements of UAS, Hand Book (Optional)
  • Booklets
  • CD (PPT, Application Based Videos and Books)
  • DPPS

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