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UAS Aviator Program

UAS Aviator Program

Course Information

Nowadays scaled down or small-scale UAVs can be seen around us in day by day schedule. Roughly 250 applications can be satisfied by the suitable classification UAV, will in general produce requests in various stages for the Aviation individuals. The Unmanned Aviation industry is as of now having a huge development rate, subsequently, there is an expanded interest for unmanned flying vehicle technologists to reintroduce the Aviation space.
This course is designed by keeping the DGCA guidelines, mentioned under the Civil Aviation Requirements, Section3, Series X Part I.

The objective of the course is to train the trainee to control the Air vehicle in Manual and Autonomous modes by following the DGCA Guidelines, in different environments. The selected topics of this course enable the trainee to control the vehicle in simplex and duplex communication modes.

  • Basic Radio Telephony Techniques
  • Basic Knowledge of UAS Technology
  • Pre-Flight Checks & Trouble-Shooting
  • Types of Motions & Controls
  • Mission Planning & Controlling
  • Simulator Training
  • Real Time Training


  • The Minimum eligibility to join the course:
  • Any one
Textbooks and Supplementary Materials
  • UAS Directory
  • Elements of UAS, Hand Book (Optional)
  • CD (PPT, Application Based Videos)

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VAU TECHNOVATIONS LTD, enter into the Unmanned Aviation cosmos as a UAS Manufacturer company, based in India.

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